Chicago’s Magnificent Miracle Mile The Hottest Commercial Real Estate In The Midwest

Can you afford commercial real estate on the Chicago Magnificent Mile? If you can, your business will be in good company, and you can make a lot of money!

A festival of restaurant dining, theater and jazz experiences, shopping, hotels and entertainment, Chicago’s Magnificent Mile is abuzz with activity from Spring through Fall, and those merchants and commercial vendors who are lucky and wealthy enough to rent space in Chicago’s most productive real estate market, are the fortunate recipients of some pretty hefty income.

The Magnificent Mile stretches from Randolph Street to North Avenue and from Lake Michigan to the North Branch Canal, and it is Chicago’s most expensive commercial real estate.

The landscape is flush with fancy hotels including the Inter-Continental, the Ritz-Carlton, Hilton, Omni, Le Meridian, Hyatt, Wyndham, the Westin, the famous Whitehall and many other world-renowned hotels share this prestigious real estate, and the Greater North Michigan Avenue Association manages the business district.

Within this precious Chicago real estate, street festivals, garden shows, food festivals and other events are planned, all to bring local residents and tourists to spend their entertainment dollars.

Along this stretch of expensive real estate you can also find posh, formal restaurants like Les Nomades, and NoMi intriguing international restaurants where you can find Brazilian, East Indian, French, Italian and cuisines from many countries around the world.

The Chicago Shakespeare Company is also in residence in the Magnificent Mile of Chicago Real Estate, as are a number of jazz clubs and galleries like Kenneth Probst, Peter Bartlow and R.S. Johnson, selling fine art, antiquities and much more.

Water Tower Place, the Shops at North Bridge, Chicago Place and the North Michigan Shops also offer commercial real estate opportunities in well-advertised storefronts, malls and real estate centers.

If you are looking for commercial real estate in this area of Chicago, be sure you employ a reputable broker. Rents are high and real estate is precious. Options to extend commercial leases and expansion options to take on more space will come at a premium in this real estate market.

Upscale brokers like Gordon McAdam, Property Management companies like Zeller, and Executive Suite brokers like AMATA deal in finding and leasing commercial real estate and space to businesses in this area.

If you are looking for Chicago real estate on the Magnificent Mile, be sure you find a company that will work with you to assess your square footage requirements, and do an office or building search that will take into consideration the ideal location for your type of business.

These companies can also help you analyze the commercial lease you will be asked to sign and negotiate more favorable terms. Some have partners that offer architectural and build-out services for your real estate needs, and even move-in and utility hook-up services.

If you DO rent commercial real estate along the prestigious Magnificent Mile in Chicago, make the most of your network by joining the Greater North Michigan Avenue Association. Membership in this business and real estate district association provides you the opportunity to participate in business-to-business marketing activities and to have your logo and business identify advertised and promoted in the Magnificent Mile events and activities.

The Board of Director’s for this Chicago real estate business district and association always includes prestigious hotel managers and business managers for large commercial vendors like Neiman-Marcus, as well as business district and service vendors who provide the local transportation. These are good people to know if you want to promote your business.

Get to know the individuals who share this small square of real estate with you and leverage their connections to help you make more money and pay that steep rent bill every month.

Per square mile, this patch of Chicago real estate will produce more income for your business, but it will cost you a pretty penny to house your business here.

If you want to consider Chicago real estate with a slightly less onerous price tag, you can consider real estate in the Riverfront area, which is very near the Magnificent Mile and attracts lots of tourists. There are lots of events there and the overflow of shoppers and tourists from the Magnificent Mile is a definite advantage to renting commercial real estate in the area.

Green Ecological Products Can Help Save The Earth

Green ecological products are becoming more popular, we now recognize those companies that realize the importance of green ecological products. Our efforts to preserve earth to have clean water, clear skies and contaminate free soil, trying to reverse our current path of filling the air and water and soil with toxins and contaminants, perhaps we can return to a pristine earth by choosing green ecological products, we will be taking steps in the right direction. If you have noticed the various forms of pollution and the damage they cause to the world around us harming the ecosystems, animals and humans, it’s plain to see the importance of choosing green ecological products.

There are various different categories for Green ecological products to go under.

organic certified, in general it means produced without pesticides or harmful fertilizes, a good choice for a green ecological product. Britannica defines it as the following “there’s some variation: the National Organic Standards Board considers organic agriculture to be “an ecological production management system that promotes and enhances biodiversity, biological cycles and soil biological activity. It is based on minimal use of off-farm inputs and on management practices that restore, maintain and enhance ecological harmony.”

Green A green product, is environmentally and socially responsible, respectful of the world and the natural environment, it is a term used more so in the electronic industry, but also applies to many other industries as they aim to use less harmful components, bio-plastics less packaging, trying to eliminate harmful chemicals like fire retardants, all things green ecological.

Environmentally friendly has two dictionary definition they are #1 ‘Not damaging to the environment, or directed at preventing environmental damage.’ #2 ‘Minimizing harm to natural world: designed to minimize harm to the natural world, e.g. by using biodegradable ingredients. So being friendly to the environment is definitely doable, and these green ecological products can become more commonplace’

Fair trade, It is a socially conscious program that prevents the workers from being exploited, and ensuring they get a fair wage, a popular fair trade program has been associated with coffee such as kicking horse and Jane Goodall’s brand.

Recycled, things are new products made from old, be it of plastic cardboard metal paper or glass, these materials are given a new lease of life, or by simply donating used items to thrift stores.

Sustainable Forestry, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) put their mark on products that respect the forest ecosystems, wildlife habitats, local communities and water quality, to meet their standards, the wood and resulting products are tracked from beginning to end for complying to the correct standards.

Green ecological products come in all forms, but invariably are of some benefit to our world, it is also possible to choose products that can be recycled like paper, or provide recycling such as composters, an invaluable service highly recommend, worms or standard composters and the composting toilet, helping to keep sewage out of the ocean. Reducing waste input to landfills and methane gas production is an important consideration for individuals and industries although some resourceful companies have been able to harness the methane output and to use it for manufacturing thus producing green ecological products.

A Web Site Is Not Enough – You Need A Color Brochure

Some people used to say that the internet would mark the end of printed advertising and promotion. They don’t say that anymore.

True, having a presence on the web is certainly expected; virtually no company out there today can get by without a web site and email.

But the buyer of your products or services also expects a legitimate company to have printed sales material. Some new companies print up business cards, letterhead and envelopes and think they’re armed for business. It’s not enough to leave behind a card with your web address. How do you know they’ll really visit your site? A brochure about your business is like putting your web site in the palm of their hands.

Apart from looking like a legitimate vendor to your existing – and prospective – clients, you want to give them something to take away and peruse at their leisure – Even the most clever web site address has trouble doing that.

A brochure is like a presentation that you can carry around with you and leave with prospective clients.

When laying out your brochure, design and write it from the reader’s perspective. Before you start, make a list of what you think your prospective clients may want to know about your company and your product or service – and what you want them to know.

Don’t overdo it with verbiage. Everybody is busy, and just as with any kind of promotional effort, you have to get their attention fast. Be clear and concise; bullet points or other kinds of quick-reading lists are often helpful and easy for people to scan.

When listing your selling features, there are a couple of different ways to communicate. Some would counsel that you keep to the facts and not state opinions, while other copywriters think it’s perfectly all right to tell people what they will think of what you have to offer (You’ll love it!”). In fact, most advertising is a mix of the two approaches.

No matter what approach you use, the best way to get to the point is to enumerate the benefits you offer, not the technicalities. Saying that your lawnmowers have 22″ rather than 26″ blades may be accurate, and the reader of your brochure may be able to work out the benefits of that himself.

But save him the trouble! Point out that your longer blades mean a wider path and less time mowing,” or some such thing. The right copy – concise and clear about the benefits of your product or service – can let your brochure reader reach the right conclusions quickly.

Make sure your prospective client knows what sets you apart from other similar vendors, but without knocking the competition. This is one area where you want to let your reader draw his own conclusions.

The statement, Our competitors stink!” may be accurate (and fun to point out!), but it strikes some people as a bit unseemly – besides, why waste valuable brochure space taking about them? It is better to talk about what is right about you, and let your reader imagine what is wrong about the other guys.

You want to do your best to make your brochure eye-catching and pleasing to look at. This makes it something someone is more likely to read, and even to keep.

Printing used to be expensive. First there was cut-and-paste, then desktop publishing. Printing companies had to keep a large prepress staff on hand. Now so many people do their own design and layout – and upload their results to a printer – that printers’ overhead, and your costs, have come down?) and faster presses, full color printing has become less expensive and better looking than ever.

Be sure to use full color, including photographs if possible, and print on premium paper stock. (Don’t let anybody talk you into using copier-grade paper to save money; it won’t, and it will make you, and your business, look third-rate.It no longer makes any sense to use poor quality paper to save money. Printing your brochure on copier-grade paper makes your whole business look cheap.

Remember that when something is well designed and presented in an attractive format, it is often passed on to others by your clients; and referrals are great sources of new business: they are the result of the best kind of advertising – a recommendation – and they cost you nothing extra to get.